Q: Why another editor? Why not work directly on Quanta+, for instance?

A: Ok, a little of history: I started working on this in 2004 because, at the time, I needed for my job (working with php applications on GNU/Linux). We didn't want to spend money on commercial products (as a matter of fact, we didn't like the available ones). Since the free version of DBG satisfied me, I planned to implement a client into the KDE Quanta+ ( wich, at the time, Gubed ( was beginning to be incorporated. On the mailing list, there was a discussion about incorporating many debuggers for many script languages into it.

Due to lack of time, and because I didn't have knowledge of Gubed implementation, I develop this small editor (the one you are reading about) so I could better understand about debug session flows and how could DBG and Gubed work togueter sharing common code (wich would be a starting point to easily implement other debuggers without all the suffering) and I could have the freedom to try new things and blow things out like a doctor in his own laboratory :)

It was fun to do it, but I had too much work with DBG, and took me a lot to complete it's implementation by myself. So, many "todo" things are still hanging.

Now, since I had a small app here fullfiling some of my needs, I decided to release it.

Q: Nothing happens when I start the debugger. What is wrong?

Here are a few steps that can help find out what is going on:

  • Check the installation of the debugger you are using.

  • If remote debugging, check you Site configurations and directories settings.

  • If remote debugging, you can see the URL being requested using an external browser to acess the server (check Protoeditor settings). This might help to find errors in the Site configuration.

  • If local debugging, you can look in the messages Protoeditor prints in the terminal for the command line it's using to execute the script.

Q: DBG doesn't work when debugging locally using the console. What is wrong?

A: Using DBG with the PHP binary is only supported if your binary is PHP (CGI), instead of the default PHP (CLI), due to a lack of support on the current free version of DBG (wich might be fixed in the next version).

Q: I'm having lots of problems to make this work. What should I do?

A: Go to the forum and search for related problems. If there isn't any solution there, you're welcome to write a new thread :)

Q: What should I do if I find a bug?

A: post a message on the protoeditor's sourceforge forum or send me an email.