Donations and support (Help Wanted)
Fri, 17 Aug 2007 07:06:29 -0000 :
<div class="markdown_content"><p>I would like to publicly thank Karoly Negyesi for donating to this project, and for everyone using Protoeditor, posting bug reports, creating packages, icons, reviewing and saying nice things about it to the world.</p> <p>Now, I'm enabling sourceforge's donation system to this project. So, if the tools available here help you, and you would like to support them, feel free to donate. All donated resources will be used to support the project. Depending on how much is raised, we could even sponsor a few features, offering bounty for them.</p> <p>Currently, this is what is going on: the project is almost one year without a release. Unfortunately, it has been a busy year and fixing bugs is pretty much what I've been able to do in this time frame. No Ruby debugging support, no PHP browser plugin improvements (which should have become a nice plugin. Unfortunately, it still unfinished), and no KDevelop integration so far.</p> <p>Having said that, if you know C++ and feel like coding KDE apps, improving a free environment that you would like to use for programming with dynamic languages, don't hesitate to contact me.</p> <p>Thiago Silva<br /> mailto: tsilva[at]<br /> jabber:</p></div>

Protoeditor is a small KDE text editor developed for debugging scripts interactively. The goal is to provide a simple editor supporting a variety of debuggers for different languages. Currently, it supports the following languages/debuggers

Protoeditor uses katepart as the text editor, so all the functionalities of a good editor are present (highlights, folding marks, etc, etc, etc) wich makes the debug experience more pratical.

Besides the editor, it supports common debugger features like: steps, watches, backtrace, breakpoints, etc. Other features depend on what the debuggers supports.

From version 1.1beta3, Protoeditor can be installed as stand alone application, or as a Kate plugin.

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